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Welcome to Land of the Free

Thank you for checking into the Land of the Free web site. With all that is going on in the world today we are concerned that our busy lives sometimes prevent us from recognizing the hard work and sacrifice of our young men and women in the Armed Forces. It is our desire to fund a foundation that supports our veterans whose dedication ensures that we will always live in "The Land of the Free".

Soldier with child

As veterans of the Navy and Marine Corps we have been fortunate in our businesses. As such, we want to donate the use of our resort, including the two golf courses, food and banquet facilities to ensure all of the money raised goes directly to the programs that support our troops. We hope you will join us in supporting the Land of the Free Foundation and the Golf Classic. In many cases simple appreciation is all our service personnel need or want. In other cases the needs of the troops and their families far exceed what they or our government can afford and the Land of the Free Foundation is committed to help bridge the gap of need. We truly believe that we can never appreciate enough the benefits and comfort we all enjoy because our best and brightest are on the front lines for us. We know you will not only have a fun day of golf and that you will leave with great tee prizes, but most of all you will know that you will be helping the young men and women of our nation who never ask for our help but need it now more than ever!

- Edward P. Roski, Jr., John Semcken III, and Kent Valley