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Stephanie Tristan Testimonial

“The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is sincerely grateful for our longstanding partnership with the Land of the Free Foundation. Thank you from all of us and our Marine families for your commitment in honoring Marines by educating their children!”

Stephanie Tristan
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation


Today’s generation of Marines have made unprecedented sacrifices. And while there are many ways to honor our Nation’s heroes, there is no organization closer to the intersection of real need and lasting impact than the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.

Scholarships That Matter

From the front lines of freedom to units in your backyard; Marines make legendary sacrifices. Sending their children to school shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why at the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation we’ve been Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children for more than half a century.

Students That Lead

When you invest in the future of a child raised by Marines, you’re investing in America’s future. Our scholarship recipients are raised on Honor, Courage and Commitment and by the time they’re ready for college, statistics show these same young men and women will be outperforming their peers nearly 2 to 1.