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Marine Corps University Foundation President Chris Rushing

The Marine Corps University Foundation (MCUF) thanks the Land of the Free Foundation for supporting education excellence. The support received from the Land of the Free helps bridge the gap and fulfills critical needs of the university. MCUF is able to support the university in areas of: Academic chairs, innovation, creativity, critical-thinking skills, wargaming, scholarly writing, distinguished lecture series, symposia, student awards, faculty awards, and all university activities that help prepare the next generation of leaders and scholar-warriors. Thank you to the Land of the Free for your belief in education and national security.

Thank you and Semper Fidelis
Lieutenant General Richard P. Mills
President and CEO Marine Corps University Foundation


For over 30 years, the Marine Corps University Foundation has harnessed the power of the private sector in support of the Marine Corps’ most pressing educational needs.

Given the Marine Corps University’s finite resources, the Marine Corps University Foundation raises funds to attract the leading minds in security studies, terrorism, warfighting, emerging states, and defense policy to Quantico, so that they may educate active-duty Marines on critical geostrategic matters. Marines then apply this knowledge in conflict zones around the world.

Our support has made professional military education more responsive to changes in the nature of conflict and brought a level of professionalism in faculty and diversity in perspective not attainable solely through appropriated government funding.

Today, our enduring efforts to enrich & enhance professional military education focus on:

  • Strengthening the Marine Corps University’s position of thought leadership in military studies & national security affairs;
  • Cultivating the problem-solving skills that enable Marines to think creatively & act decisively in uncertain environments; and
  • Developing the most knowledgeable, well-rounded, forward-thinking leaders … from Corporal to General.