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Guenther testimonial

“The Semper Fi Fund & America’s Fund are incredibly thankful to the Land of The Free Foundation for their continued support of our organization. Their commitment to our Military and their fundraising efforts have allowed us to provide more than $200M in assistance to more than 23,000 Service members, Veterans, and their Families. Their direct impact will continue to echo for years to come as they help us serve those who preserve our freedom!”

Karen Guenther President, CEO and Founder

15 Years of Service

For a decade and a half, the Semper Fi Fund has been deeply honored to serve those who have preserved our freedom. On the occasion of this 15-year anniversary, we renew our pledge to embody the spirit of “Semper Fi” — to remain “always faithful” not only to those we serve, but to our extended Semper Fi Fund family!

We Provide One-to-One Relationships with Service Members

The hope for post traumatic growth is both real, and tangible. Through our comprehensive programs, Semper Fi Fund is always ready when needed for Service members and their families.