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Jim Hake-Spirit of America Foundation

"Spirit of America is incredibly thankful for the Land of the Free Foundation’s support. Their commitment not only supports the needs of local populations American troops seek to help, but also has a direct impact on saving the lives and limbs of US service members deployed around the world."

Jim Hake
CEO, Spirit of America

Spirit of America’s Mission

Spirit of America’s mission is to support the safety and success of US troops and diplomats serving abroad and the local people and partners they seek to help.

Spirit of America’s Background

Since its founding in 2003, SoA has implemented over 1100 highly targeted projects in 72 countries. Our projects help save lives and limbs, build relationships, and offer hope to the people American service members are helping.

Spirit of America was founded in response to the attacks of 9/11 as a way for the American people to stand with and support America's deployed service members. For the first six years, Spirit of America (SoA) provided remote support to Soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. The troops identified what was critically needed by the local population, and SoA shipped it to them.

After validating the impact our unique model of support had on US missions, SoA expanded its collaboration with the military beyond the warzones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, the organization’s all-veteran field team is side-by-side with US soldiers on every continent they are deployed to.

Spirit of America’s Impact

We add the speed, flexibility, and innovation of the American private sector to the resources and reach of the US government and military. Our approach – private action in support of public good – is a fundamentally better way to defend and advance America’s security, freedoms, and ideals.

Working alongside US troops in Iraq, Spirit of America is providing metal detectors and bomb-suits to a Peshmerga K9 unit responsible for detecting and removing improvised explosive devices left behind by ISIS. In Niger, SoA is funding vocational training in sewing, welding, and electrical repair for at-risk youth to provide them job opportunities outside of joining violent extremist organizations.