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"The Elk Institute is so very grateful for the generous contributions of The Land of the Free Foundation to support our work in correcting traumatically stored memories "PTSD" in our nations warfighters worldwide at no cost to the individual. Together we are much better equipped to ensure that those who've fought to defend our freedom can enjoy their own moving forward."

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About The Elk Institute

The Elk Institute for Psychological Health & Performance is a non profit 501(c)3 that was established to provide individual and group education, consultation, treatment, and clinical research service to the military and veteran community locally, nationally and internationally. The Elk Institute is based in Tampa, Florida but provides remote on-site services around the globe.

The Institute specializes in psychological trauma (PTS, PTSD) in the military population but is also equipped to address general psychological health issues as well. We seek to identify the issues and variables that compromise psychological health and performance and effective methods of eliminating barriers or correcting such issues. The goal is to reach, restore or surpass our patients’ optimal psychological health and wellness, contributing to the overall effectiveness of their day-to-day performance.


The Institute provides services at no cost to the individual war fighter. We rely on your tax deductable donations to continue to do so.

In collaboration with other veteran service organizations, Dr. Elk and her colleagues have been able to reach many more veterans and service members in need. The Institute is proud of these partnerships and grateful for the support and valuable resources they provide.

The Elk Institute is guided by an impressive Advisory Board comprised of decorated veterans, senior active duty service members, and dedicated patriots from the business community.

The Elk Institute of Psychological Health& Performance “Where Empowering Lives is Key!”