When the Brave Come Home™

The Land of the Free Foundation supports the men and women in our Armed Forces whose sacrifice and dedication have ensured our way of life. We are veterans of the US Armed Services who are uniquely qualified to do the research to make sure the charities we support best serve the needs of our veterans, and donations are not wasted on excessive administrative costs.

The Land of the Free Foundation has established strict Charity Funding Requirements that hold our beneficiaries to the highest standards. And, we confirm compliance with these funding requirements prior to every donation. In addition, the Land of the Free Foundation is run totally by volunteers. We do not take any salary­ or receive any benefits from your donations. 100% of all funds donated to the Land of the Free Foundation go directly to the designated beneficiaries. All expenses of the Foundation are paid by the Founders.

Our Mission

The Land of the Free Foundation is committed to celebrating the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States, past, present and future. The foundation will support programs that help our armed service personnel and their families and will ensure that the commitment of our nation's heroes will never be taken for granted and that all Americans recognize, because of the sacrifices of our armed service personnel, we will always live in the "Land of the Free".

Air Force Officer Holding Flag