General Myatt Testimonial

2020 TAPS Year in Review

FROM: J.T. Allena Dear Mr. Valley: I would like to offer my sincere appreciation and pass along the gratitude of the Marines and the Sailors of Wounded Warrior Battalion (West)... Click to Read Marine Letter

FROM: David Zhang and Joan Putnam Mr. Valley, On behalf of the SDSU Joan and AA Barron Veterans Center adn our 3500+ military, veterans, and their families, we wanted to thank you... Click to Read SDSU Letter

FROM: Bonnie Carroll Dear Mr. Roski, It is with the deepest sense of gratitude and the most sincere appreciation, that we thank you... Click to Read TAPS Letter

FROM: Ben Donenberg John, I personally reach out and say thank you for the really generous... Click to Read Shakespeare Letter

FROM: Kristine Hamilton Dear Mr. Roski, Mr. Valley and Mr. Semcken, On behalf of the Foundation, thank you for this generous donation... Click to Read CMOH Letter

FROM: Marines Memorial Association Dear Land of the Free Foundation, Your contribution enables the Marines' Memorial to remain "A tribute to those who have gone before and a service to those who carry on... Click to Read Marines' Memorial Letter

FROM: Lisa Taylor Dear John, Thank you for your generous support of The American Fallen Soldiers Project in 2013. With your help, we were able...... Click to Read AFS Letter

FROM: Kristin E. Sorenson Dear Mr. Semcken: Thank you for the Land of the Free Foundation's recent gift of $50,000 to the West Point Leadership Center. We appreciate the generous gift...... Click to Read West Point Letter

FROM: Celine Doerr Gentlemen, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the extraordinary support we have received from your foundation...... Click to Read USC Letter

FROM: Major General J.M. Myatt USMC(Ret.) Dear Mr. Roski, Mr. Valley, and Mr. Semcken: Thank you for your contribution to the Marines' Memorial Association. Your very generous gift of $60,000.00 on 1/9/2014 will help with...... Click to Read MMyatt Letter

FROM: Sarah J. Slaughter Dear Friends: Your generosity makes a difference! On behalf of the Campanile Foundation and San Diego University,...... Click to Read More

FROM: David A. Coker Dear Mr. John H. Semcken, III: Not all battles are fought on the battlefield. When a service member or Veteran is injured or diagnosed with a serious illness,...... Click to Read Campanile Letter

FROM: Douglas Leavell Dear Sirs: The Golden Gate Chapter of the Chief Warrent Officer's Association (CWOA) would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you...... Click to Read CWO Letter

FROM: Ed and Kathy Colley We thank you for your incredible generosity. We have been very fortunate to have attended several T*A*P*S events since losing our son four years ago...... Click to Read Colley Letter

FROM: Major General Mike Myatt USMC (Ret.) Letter to Ed Roski, Click to Read Myatt-Roski Letter Letter to Kent Valley, Click to Read Myatt-Valley Letter Letter to John Semcken III, Click to Read Myatt-Semcken Letter

FROM: Colonel Jay Anderson USMC (Ret.) Letter to Ed Roski, Click to Read Roski Letter Letter to Kent Valley, Click to Read Valley Letter Letter to John Semcken III, Click to Read Semcken Letter

FROM: Bucky Peterson Kent and John, I want to start this email, again, with our deep appreciation for your enormous generosity...... Click to Read First Bucky Letter

FROM: Bucky Peterson Wanted to share with each of you Marines (and one Navy fighter pilot) another and most positive result of the Severely Injured Fulfilling their Dreams Program...... Click to Read Second Bucky Letter

FROM: Bucky Peterson I am at san diego state university to address a group of almost 200 vets who want to go to college. To my wonderful surprise...... Click to Read Third Bucky Letter

FROM: Sergeant First Class Jason R. Montano Mr. Semcken, I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave to the soldiers...... Click to Read Montano Letter

FROM: Nicholas Kehoe Gentleman: The work you are doing for the deserving nonprofit organizations is incredible! I must say Medal of Honor recipient Gary Littrell...... Click to Read Kehoe Letter

FROM: Medal of Honor Foundation John, The Land of the Free this year was the most moving and best...... Click to Read More

FROM: Semper Fi Fund Dear John, You hit it out of the ball park - again! What an outstanding way...... Click to Read Semper Fi Letter

FROM: Gwen Notestine Dear Kent, Thank you for directing support from the Land of the Free Foundation to SDSU's Academic Advisor...... Click to Read Notestine Letter

FROM: Ballard Spahr Dear Ed, Ballard Spahr is pleased to support the important work of the Land of the Free Foundation. The families who have...... Click to Read Ballard Letter